Solar Storm 135 GL

For a temporary or permanent panel solution, our Solar Storm 135 panels are the perfect option: rigid and aluminum-framed, they boast an impressive 135 Watts, and can fully charge the Kodiak in just 10 hours.

Developed alongside the Kodiak, the Predator 50 panel was designed with the same passion and innovation: ultra-lightweight at 4 pounds each, modular with a maximum configuration of 5 linked panels, each capable of generating 50 Watts, waterproof, shatterproof, and semi-flexible enough for the most rugged terrain, these panels deserve an equally revolutionary generator, and are the perfect counterpart to the Kodiak.

Predator 50

What It Powers:   Fully Charge Kodiak: 9 – 10 hours

What’s Included:   135W Rigid Solar Panel

Solar Capacity:     135 Watts / Chainable for additional panels 



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