We try to offer a cross section of jewelry that is affordable to all. Most of the items are composed of precious metals and gem stones. With this in mind, we can discount to only a small degree.  If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. via phone or e-mail. To purchase jewelry from our store visit us in Chepachet, RI or simply shop online at Etsy.com, follow the link to my shop!  We are licensed by the State of Rhode Island's Attorney Generals Office.

We are Located in Southern New England U.S.A. During the early 1900's thru 1970's, Providence, Rhode Island was known as the jewelry capital of the world, along with Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). There is an abundance of fine jewelry here in our small state. Many pieces are one of a kind. When you add the rich history of Newport, Rhode Island and the many universities with international Influences, we are located in the center of "prime picking." Rhode Island is sandwiched between Boston, MA. and NY City, so the night life, Auctions and Show's lead to one of a kind opportunities.

​​We buy and sell fine jewelry as well as vintage and heirloom pieces. Stop in and visit us today, or call to schedule an appointment. ​Or visit our Etsy Store by clicking HERE

A Small Shop with Great Prices and Unusual Items!!!